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just a little information about me


I define myself as entrepreneur and developer. I love coding as much as making profits resolving real-life problems.

My latest project is, a backend-as-a-service but also platform-as-a-service. As a developer I love resolving problems of other developers and making them more productive.

If you want to hire me I'm available to work in very special projects.

If you understand the language of Don Quixote maybe you are interested in reading my technical blog (in Spanish)


I have started a few companies with their fails and success. I have learned a lot in the past years and now I'm focused on my latest company.

I'm alumni of 30x500, a great course on how to create profitable companies using your own resources.


I try to have time for non-profitable projects. I have created the iOS version of DNDzgz (a transport app for the city where I was born). And with a few buddies I collaborate in a group of people interested in creating tech startups called Cachirulo Valley.

At 2008 I participated in the Google Summer of Code project. I developed the Subversion revision graph of subclipse (an Eclipse plugin for subversion).


I have been speaker at many conferences and workshops since 2002. Recently at NSSpain 2013 with other speakers including former Apple and Twitter engineers. And Codemotion 2013.

Older conferences include Spring IO 2011, Congreso web 2012 and Congreso web 2013. You can see my slides at speakerdeck and older ones in slideshare.



A few years ago I was a backend Java developer. Then I discovered Node.js and everything changed. I love Node.js for many things. The standard API itself is very small but has a great community that publishes thousands of great modules.

The language and the runtime are very powerful and flexible. I like doing sometimes some kind of meta-programming, I like the avility of doing high-level coding as well as low level code when I need it and finally I'm able to develop backend stuff but also system administration scripts and command line applications.


I love this database but not only to be a secondary database. This database has great quality, it's really very versatil and it's blazing fast. I have almost never had problems with this database and I like having a well-defined command interface with a small but powerful set of options.

One thing I hate of other databases is having thousands of features and not knowing exactly what the database is doing under the hood. With redis you can know exactly what the database is doing and what is the expected performance of all your commands.

iOS programming

I like the iOS platform because it lets you develop high quality apps that many people can carry in their pockets.I also think that there is a lot of room for new concepts of interaction design in these kind of devices. I have developed many iOS applications of many types: map-based applications, an epub reader, social apps, etc.


When I am developing iOS applications I use XCode, of course. And when I have to do any other thing I use Sublime Text.

I use git for version control and iTerm as terminal emulator.


You can contact me by mail at or using twitter: @gimenete

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